Senegal 2011

Senegal was my second (and third) time in Africa. While my trip to Ghana two years prior was a formidable experience for an 18-year-old fledgling backpack traveler, I was able to approach Senegal with a lot more confidence and ambition (not taking for granted having an expert companion who spoke French and was studying there at the time).

West Africa is not an easy place to be a foreigner in, and Senegal is a particularly harsh culture for someone coming from friendly, laid-back Colorado. That said, it is a wonderful country with a magnificent music scene and a proud history of democracy. Dakar is wild, bustling African metropolis, Saint-Louis is a preserved colonial gem, and the rural countryside is just downright beautiful.

These pictures are from the first of my two visits. Hopefully more to come soon.

senegal_pit_700senegal_apple_900 senegal_beachhaze_900 senegal_boys_800 senegal_carousel_900 senegal_downtown_900 senegal_goat_900 senegal_ship_900 senegal_smile_900 senegal_stands_1000 senegal_tabaski1_900 senegal_taxiwet_800

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