London 2011

I’m going to be honest: I’m not fond of London.

It’s nothing personal — I’m not big on cities in the first place — but something has always bugged me about London, to the extent it has become a running joke. It’s mostly to do with a collection of unpleasant observations: the bad smells, the stupid Tube, the stupid Royal Family, the way people treat each other, the fact that all Pubs close by 11 p.m. (seriously, what the hell?!).

That said, I spent just under a week in the giant of a city in, and between the less than pleasant experiences, I had some pretty decent ones too. I ate a lot of fish and chips, the museums kicked ass, we toured Al Jazeera English HQ, and I got to eat at the only Chipotle in Europe (twice) — true treat for a homesick Coloradan.

Still, after five days I was happy to return to my beloved Denmark. Sorry London.

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