Denmark 2011

There is no place on this earth more special to me than the humble nation of Denmark. The semester I spent living in Copenhagen — my third visit to the country — holds some of the fondest memories of my life. Any amount of time I spend away from the old country feels far too long and a return to visit my friends is becoming long overdue.

Below, and in no particular order, is a selection of those memories.

denmark_beach_800 denmark_beachwalk_800 denmark_boxer_800 denmark_cork_800 denmark_dakini_800

denmark_band_900denmark_fences_800 denmark_flame_900 denmark_fog1_900 denmark_fogtrees_800 denmark_ghost_900 denmark_hair_900 denmark_jacobbike_900 denmark_jolene_900 denmark_knut_900 denmark_lasseup_900 denmark_library_700 denmark_nap_800 denmark_pilsner_800 denmark_rainbow2_900 denmark_reflection_800 denmark_saltrup_800 denmark_spacekiss_700 denmark_still_900 denmark_suits_900 denmark_tallulf_800 denmark_throw_800 denmark_tiltboy_800 denmark_trunk_800 denmark_tunnel_900 denmark_ulfboard1_800 denmark_ulfboard2_900 denmark_wall_800 denmark_wood2_900 denmark_woodshop3_800 denmark_woodshop5_700

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